There have been a lot of news and advertisements about the resurrection of the house call doctor medical services in Australia. But what are they really for and why should you use them? Here are just some of the reasons why having a house call doctor services may benefit you.


Why do you need a house call doctor?


He is available when your GP is not

You know how it could be a hassle to feel something wrong about your body in the middle of the night, right? You can’t sleep because of your discomfort, and your GP is, more often than not, unavailable at the time. A house call doctor can go straight to you and check you up, like a regular doctor does in the hospital, but instead in the comfort of your home!


Comfort guaranteed

Did we mention getting your doctor’s appointment in the comfort of your own home? Yes! Imagine how easy and convenient it is for you to get checked at home instead of going to and from the hospital in the wee hours of the night. No energy and time wasted when you have a house call doctor who can care for you anytime your GP is out.


Medical service in a flash

When you want to see a doctor in the middle of the night, you are already wasting time from going to the nearest hospital and waiting for your turn amidst the long line of patients seeking emergency care. Having a house call doctor means you wouldn’t have to leave the house and just wait for approximately 2 hours for them to reach your home and provide his medical services to you.



Experienced and highly-qualified doctors

A house call doctor can become one if he is board-certified and recognised by the Australian Medical Association (AMA). They have experience and training to become competent medical practitioners who know how to care for you even after clinic hours. You can be sure that the treatment and assistance you may need from a house call doctor is guaranteed effective, safe, and accurate.



Prescription and availability of free medication

During your home healthcare assessment, if the house call doctor determines that you need medication to relieve your symptoms fast, he can give you free doses of your medicine just to get you through the night. This way, you may already feel better more quickly, and you can rest up until your GP is available. This is another way that makes the services of a home visiting doctor ideal.


Keeping your GP in the loop

A house call doctor does not replace the services of your GP. As soon as the home visit session is done, he will send a report to your regular GP about the whole assessment and what else needs to be done to monitor your condition. This ensures transparency about your health condition and your continuity of care.


Bulk-billed services

For all Medicare and DVA card holders, you can definitely grab and avail the services of a house call doctor if you need it without worrying about the cost. Home doctors and their expert services are bulk-billed, so this makes your medical needs convenient and free!

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