By now, the popularity of home doctor service can be palpable, especially if you are in Australia. Wherever you are in OZ, there is a reliable home doctor service that is available to provide quality medical care via home doctor visits. They are available 24/7 too, so if you are in need of urgent care and attention, but your GP is unavailable, just give their hotlines a call and within a few hours, a home visiting doctor is there to your rescue! So, if this is the case, what do you need a GP for? Which doctor should you prefer to care for you: your family doctor/regular GP or your home visiting doctor?


Your GP and a home visiting doctor: Their similarities

home doctorsWhen talking about GPs and home doctors, one should never forget that they are both medical doctors. They are both trained professionals,  board-certified, and recognised by the Australian Medical Board. GPs practice their profession either inside the outpatient departments of the hospitals or in their own offices. Home doctors are similar to the GPs and doctors that you see around the hospital corridors caring for the sick. The difference is that they prefer going mobile and make themselves available to assist you during after-hours while your GP is unavailable.

Both a GP and a home doctor are not necessarily medical specialists. With that said, your family doctor/GP and home doctors are educated of all medical conditions; they do not focus their attention on a specific body system alone. Since many urgent but not life-threatening medical issues are broad and systemic in nature or are involving the whole body at the same time (fever, pain, rashes, allergies, etc.), it is safe to say that both your GP and home visiting doctor can perfectly attend to your needs.


Your GP and a home visiting doctor: Their difference


Regular GPs and family doctors follow office hours, while home visiting doctors have different schedules of service availability. Some home doctor services offer their services after hours, probably starting at 6 pm until 8 am the following day. This way, they get to visit patients who need medical attention when their GP is already out of reach. However, there are also some home doctor services that offer 24/7 medical assistance to anyone who needs it.


Nature of consultation

family doctorWhile home doctors can treat or assess you anytime your GP is unavailable, their relationship with you is still considered superficial compared to your long-standing medical relationship with your regular GP. Your family doctor knows your medical history from inside out, given that he has been your doctor for a longer amount of time. This fact makes them more reliable to continue your care. A home doctor just sees you during home doctor visits for a specific medical complaint, and he does not have the luxury of time to perform a comprehensive medical examination and assessment to know your medical history. Furthermore, a home visiting doctor treats you only on a case-to-case basis during your home doctor visits. It is possible that a different doctor may come to your aid the next time you call, whereas your GP is a stable medical partner who can carry on with your health care.


We hope that we made it easier for you to understand how important both a family doctor and a home visiting doctor are in maintaining your good health. For more information, contact Home Doctors Gold Coast, and our reliable medical team is here to provide all the necessary information you may need.


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