We, at Home Doctors Gold Coast, would like to provide all the necessary information that you may need when it comes to making sure that your health and your family’s are in good hands. We cater to the medical needs and requirements of a patient in the comfort of their home. But some clients are wondering how they can continue living independent lives when they are in need of some assistance when it comes to their daily activities. What we typically recommend is availing different home care assistance services that are provided by the government. But are these home care packages worth it? What can I expect when it comes to discussing home care packages costs? Let us read on and discover the benefits that home care services can provide.


Home Care Services: What Is It For?

Home care is one division of HACC or Home and community care program of the government given to elderly residents and persons with disabilities (PWD) who would still want to live self-sufficient lives in their own homes. Ideally, that is what everyone wants, right? To live a comfortable life in their homes without needing to settle in hospice care or an aged care facility.

Home care services let these independent clients continue living on their own by providing necessary support or assistance in performing their daily activities. When taking into consideration home care services, there are a variety of options to decide on. The type of help that you select will rely on the level of care you may be needing, how long you will be needing it for, and whether you would prefer relying on government-subsidised services, private agencies or services, or decide on asking for help from your social circle.


The Difference Between Home Care Packages And CHSP

home care packages costsHave you heard of the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)? Is it different from your Home Care services? Let us discuss what these two really are and what made them different from each other, though their services may be similar.

The Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) and Home Care services are both subsidized by the government, and you would have to pay some fees if you need to have one of them. The difference that they have relies on how they offer services. Although both programs help the elderly and the disabled to live fruitful and independent lives, how they choose what they need differs. For instance, if you choose to have home care services, a case manager from the Home Care agency or service provider would assess your everyday needs and declare what help or assistance they may provide you. With CHSP, the provider lists down the services that they can offer and you will be the one who will decide on what to get.

A good example would be an elderly patient who has had a slip-and-fall accident. She needs assistance in maintaining to live alone in the comfort of her home. If she decides to avail of the Home Care Package, a case manager spends time with her doing interviews, assessing her daily routine, and finding out what areas of her daily schedule needs support, she will then create a service plan that exactly addresses your needs. On the other hand, If the client decides to get CHSP, the agency will provide a list of services that they can offer, and the client herself will request for any assistance that she deems necessary for her day-to-day independent living.

Another difference between a Home Care Package from CHSP is the extent of assistance and the length of time that they provide the support. A client who needs short-term or temporary assistance (a patient who has had an accident that is expected to heal and recover) can opt to get CHSP. However, if his current situation does not progress as planned and he still needs additional help, he may switch to a Home Care Package to make sure that his needs are met accordingly.


Home Care Packages Costs: What To Expect

personal home careWe have mentioned earlier that you can expect that part of the home care packages costs are subsidised by the government. However, you are still expected to pay for the remaining fees to fully take advantage of this government benefit. The home care packages costs will depend on the level of care and assistance that you need. Although the exact cost of Home Care packages depends on the provider, here is a rough estimate of how much the government is willing to cover annually per package level.

Home care package 1: $8800

Home care package 2: $15500

Home care package 3: $33700

Home care package 4: $51100


We, at Home Doctors Gold Coast, would recommend that you consult your home doctor or any medical professional within the home care services program to know which services are included in each home care package. Just to reiterate, this estimation would still differ based on the type of services you need, your ability to afford your home care package, and additional fees that your provider may require you. If you have any questions about how to avail home care packages and how it affects your home doctor services, you may feel free to contact us at (07) 5606 8318 so we can address all your concerns and guide you into living a decent and comfortable life at home.

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