Staying up late with friends partying and dancing the night away is fun, but if the reason for you to stay awake is that of pain or discomfort, then that is a different story. Since a lot of these scenarios continue to happen and the demand for urgent but non-emergency medical care is getting higher by the hour, family home doctors gradually came back from their work hiatus. Let us discover what family home doctors do, how their services work, complement the care of our regular family doctors.


Family home doctors: What is a home doctor service?

Home doctor service is a private medical practice that allows patients or carers to avail of the services of a qualified medical doctor in the comfort of their homes. Their medical services are geared towards providing medical assistance during the after hours when their regular doctor or GP is unavailable.


Family home doctors: How do they work?

There are now different home doctor services available in Australia and most parts of the world. Their functions and system follow almost the same pattern – they provide a hotline number where patients and carers can call them any time after clinic hours, the call operators relay the information to their on-call doctors, and they respond to the call as soon as possible. Once they reach the patient’s location, comprehensive assessment commences, diagnosis and treatment are provided, and helpful medical advice and tips may be given as well. The family home doctor will then complete a medical report of the full consultation and submit it to the patient’s GP to keep him updated about your medical issues.


Family home doctors: What are the benefits?

Knowing how family home doctors work can immediately give you many distinct advantages of having an on-call home doctor.

Medical services at any time. You wouldn’t need to suffer and deal with the pain or discomfort until the next morning when you can see your GP. Now, a doctor can effectively address your medical concerns.


Care from professionals. All family home doctors are board-certified medical doctors, recognised by the Medical Board of Australia and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. They are much like your regular family GPs, except they offer their services outside the hospital or clinic and inside your place of comfort – your home.

Medical services are bulk-billed. Getting the services of family home doctors do not need to be expensive and inconvenient. Medicare and DVA cardholders have the privilege of availing their services for free since most home doctor services are bulk-billed. This privilege means that the medical care you will receive from your home doctor is directly billed to Medicare and you won’t have to pay for any out-of-pocket expenses.


Comfort guaranteed. Is there any other place where you can feel most comfortable other than your home? No more waiting in line inside patient-filled emergency rooms, no more travelling to and from hospitals, and no more meaningless suffering waiting for your GP to become available. Now that family home doctors are here, all these are dealt with while prioritising your comfort and safety.

Continuity of care. Home doctor services complement the care of your family doctors. Whenever your GP is unavailable, you can request the services of a house call doctor for urgent but non-emergency medical complaints. The whole home consultation is recorded, and a report is submitted to your GP to keep him in the loop, letting him take over your care once his services are available to you.


Now that you know how family home doctors work and deliver medical care, let their services be an assurance that anywhere you are, there is a doctor ready to care for you, night and day, even during the weekends and holidays.

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