Years ago, most medical practitioners would make house call visits for their patients who are bedridden or are just unfit to travel far. They would come directly to their patients’ homes to provide them with the necessary care. But more than a few years later, the need for a doctor on call reduced as the development of hospitals and the emergence of modern technology has brought about a decline in house calls. However, recently, the number of house call doctors noticeably spike up due to a variety of factors mainly related to families with adults that need medical care. Let’s look at why you might start seeing more house call doctors and avail for the convenient services of a doctor on call.

Why is a doctor on call services making a comeback?

home doctor for elderlyTen or twenty years ago, we can safely say that the only places that you can find a doctor are in their private clinics or in the hospitals. The instance that they can do house calls is so rare that most of us were not even aware that they can do that! But now, the rise of home doctor services is now being acknowledged as a convenient and efficient way of maintaining our overall health. Here are some of the reasons why having a home doctor or a house call doctor is now a necessity rather than a mere option.


The elderly population is growing

Ask any home doctor about their patients and most of them would say that they attend to the needs of the elderly. A house call doctor is typically needed to serve urgent but not life-threatening problems of older patients in hospices, care facilities, and retirement homes. In the US, the elderly actually make up 20% of their total population, and it will continue to increase in the coming years, of course. Many of these people may be competent enough to make their way to their doctors’ offices to get follow-up consultation and management, but so many others may also be home-bound or confined to assisted living facilities. As a result of this predicament, the need to have doctors on call who provide medical care at a patient’s home of care facility increases. With more than half of this aging population expected to suffer from chronic conditions, they will need to have access to medical attention early and often house call doctors may be the only ones equipped to provide it.


People enjoy the convenience that comes along with house call doctors

We live in a time of ease and speed. We are so familiar with the immediate and instantaneous reception of information, criticism, entertainment, and more. It is so evident that we sometimes forget, or worse, have grown impatient with waiting – for the bus, a meal, and especially to see the doctor. Before the revival of house call services, patients of all ages would flock and congest emergency departments to get a consultation from doctors who should cater to the needs of emergency patients first. This makes patient triaging challenging, and waiting for your medical consultation a waste of time.

need for home doctorsWith a doctor on call, this switch to easy access and fast-paced life has actually helped to bring back the nostalgic home doctor services, like the one being offered by Home Doctors Gold Coast. Because while we want on the spot access to our doctor, they may not always be available. And sometimes, we also want additional time with them to be able to have further conversations that could address all of our health and wellness concerns. A doctor on call offers complementary medical service and dedicated support for patients who need medical treatment or medication for non-life threatening or non-emergency medical conditions when the regular GP or family doctor, their first-line health provider, is unavailable.

Even adult patients who are fairly healthy and able to manage chronic conditions on their own can attest to the importance and convenience of having a house call doctor. When you are not feeling well, the last thing you want to do is leave your house to drive or take public transportation just to go to an urgent care facility. You want to stay comfortably tucked in bed couch, catching up on your favorite Netflix series, and let the doctor come to your rescue.

As more and more companies provide house calls for those in need, you can expect to see more people – young and old – open to this model of care. Contact Home Doctors Gold Coast to know more.





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