Find out how an after hours home doctor assists the health system in Australia

We have heard of it; whenever you need medical help, an after hours home doctor isjust waiting for your call. They will come to your aid in the comforts of your home. But how is it that they claim that aside from helping patients, they are also supporting the community and local hospitals alike?


After hours home doctor: How he helps patients


If you or a loved one feels unwell, especially when it’s during the night and you know that your GP is unavailable, your first thought is to rush to the hospital to get checked. Now that an after hours home doctor service is already booming in Australia, getting medical help becomes easier.


Instead of going straight to the emergency department to have a doctor check on your condition, it is the doctor who will come to you in the comfort of your home! These doctors are licensed and registered to offer medical assistance, the same ones you see treating people in hospitals and clinics all over the city. Getting checked by a reliable doctor becomes hassle-free and convenient.



After hours home doctor: How he helps hospitals and doctors


Whenever we hear someone is going to the hospital in the wee hours of the night, we all imagine the severity of one’s condition. Whenever someone visits the hospital’s emergency room during after hours, this means that their health status may be considered a critical case. But what if it’s just a splinter or a simple cough? Would that warrant an emergency consultation?


In Australia, emergency departments in hospitals report that while their focus of care should, first and foremost, be directed towards life-threatening conditions, there are still instances when they also have to treat non-emergency cases. According to Queensland Health, about 32% of patients in emergency departments are treated for non-emergency conditions. These statistics mean that patients with minor health problems go to the emergency department to seek medical attention when they could have gotten it from their GP if they are available.


Having an after hours home doctor service gives patients an alternative way to get medical help. It also frees the hospitals from the extra load and allows doctors to attend serious and critical cases. It is then wise to encourage patients to use the services of an after hours home doctor and think twice before rushing to the hospital to present minor health concerns. This way, hospitals get to focus their attention on severe and life-threatening cases.


Anyone who needs medical help should be given ample attention and care. But prioritizing everyone’s needs is essential and would ensure the safety and wellbeing of all. If your condition is minor or you are not sure if your health issue is considered non-emergency, you can call any after hours home doctor’s hotline first before rushing to the hospitals. Their friendly and medically-trained operators are reliable enough to give you medical advice and assist you in what to do next.

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