Home visits from doctors are so popular about 80 to 90 years ago when rich aristocrats fell ill and bedridden. Relatives would call for the in-house services of family physicians and assess the patient in the comfort of their own homes. This practice has been deemed obsolete for quite some time until its rebirth a few years back. Let us complete the phrase ‘An after hours doctor near me is…’ so we can find out what he does today, his responsibilities, and benefits we can get from home visiting doctor services.


An after hours doctor near me is a professional doctor

Home doctors are all medical professionals who are board-certified and licensed to provide after-hours medicine and treatment of common urgent but not life-threatening conditions. They are the same doctors that you see in hospitals or clinics treating all types of medical cases. They are special in a way that instead of waiting in line in hospitals to have your appointment, they are the ones coming to treat you in the comfort of your home!



An after hours doctor near me is a patient advocate

All doctors practice the same work ethics that include treating patients to the best of their abilities to make them feel better faster. A visiting home doctor should be able to listen to the patient’s complaints and symptoms so he can correctly assess and diagnose them. These findings should lead to an effective treatment plan to ensure the patient’s fast recovery and general well-being.


An after hours doctor near me works with my regular GP

The services of a home doctor service complement the medical services of a patient’s primary care physician, or his GP. In situations where a patient needs urgent medical attention for an acute but non-emergency or life-threatening condition, and his GP is unavailable, the services of a nearby after-hours doctor can be utilised. Calling their hotline and relaying your symptoms to a medically-trained call operator allows you to have a medical doctor report on your doorsteps to get your check-up after clinic hours.  Your home visiting doctor will then make a report about your consultation and send it to your GP to keep him updated about your condition. Sometimes, GPs themselves arrange for home visiting services for their patients while they are still on vacation or unavailable so continuous care is ensured and delivered to their patients.


An after hours doctor near me helps hospital traffic

With a home visiting doctor service, there is no need for you to rush to the hospital for a quick consult of an acute non-emergency condition. You don’t have to wait in line for an available ER doctor to check your medical problem out. With the services offered by a home doctor service, the hospitals’ emergency departments can now cater solely on life-threatening cases that need immediate care. Emergency room doctors can now focus on delivering excellent medical care to, well, emergency patients whose need for medical attention is a crucial life-and-death situation.


Grab the convenient and accessible services of an after-hours doctor near you so you can be sure that a medical professional is taking good care of you anytime, anywhere!

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