About Us

We always want the best for our patients. Medical help should always, always be available to anyone who needs it. Most patients turn to hospital emergency departments in the middle of the night for complaints like hyperacidity or an accidental fall that caused minor cuts and bruises. Such situations and illnesses or injury do not warrant emergency assistance and can easily be addressed by a regular GP or a family doctor if only their clinics are open and available. This dilemma often results to congestion of hospital emergency departments that hinder our medical providers to fully provide appropriate care and attention to respective patients who most definitely need emergency assistance and treatments. This is where Home Doctors Gold Coast comes into the picture – to provide medical assistance during the times when GPs and family doctors are unavailable.

Medical Services of Home Doctors in Gold Coast

Home Doctors Gold Coast is a home doctor visit service available for all Gold Coast patients in need of medical care after clinic hours. Our after-hours medical care is intended to offer you an answer or treatment for any unexpected or sudden sickness or injury when your regular GP or family doctor is not available or the Medical Practice/Clinic is closed. If you or your family become ill, suffer accidents, or worsening in your condition out of hours are observed, do not hesitate to seek our help.

Our trained medical call operators perform a triage system for the calls to make sure that appropriate care will be provided for all those who sought the home doctor visit service. We listen to your needs and cater to them as effectively as possible. With the non-emergency patients settling for home doctor visits than rushing to the hospitals for medical assistance, traffic and patient congestions in hospitals will be addressed. The main focus of our service is to divert non-urgent patients from availing the services of hospital emergency departments. A home doctor Gold Coast-based provides medical attention in the comfort of our patient’s home to help reduce the patient population in hospitals so that appropriate medical care may be given to everyone.  Home Doctors Gold Coast, without sacrificing quality, aims to provide excellent home doctor visiting service to our esteemed patients. From the time you contact us for the home visit, we will make sure that we take care of you as well as your family’s medical health needs.

Serving You The Best Way We Can

We have, time and again, remind our clients to maintain their strong communication lines with their GP or family doctors. The services we provide are just complementary to what their GPs and family doctors can provide for them. We also encourage our clients who don’t have GPs yet to secure their own family doctor or regular GP who can see to their ongoing health care.  The family doctor or their regular general practitioner is the first person they seek medical advice anytime they need it.

Our valued patients are reason enough for us to do our job the best way we can and know how. We always work hard and strive for our patients to get the best possible medical care and treatment every time you use our service. Our home doctor visiting service allows Gold Coast patients to avail medical attention anytime, so even when the clinic hours are up, you can be sure that Home Doctors Gold Coast will be there to efficiently assist you any way we can.

To complement the medical services the general practitioner provides, we offer our services and the results of our treatment and management as information for the family doctor to have to maintain the continuous care for the patients.  A home doctor Gold Coast can best provide makes sure that a summary medical report will be sent to your regular GP or family physician so that they will be kept in the loop on your condition the next time you visit them. Maintaining a strong relationship with your family doctor and continuous seeking of needed medical attention from your regular GP has always been encouraged and recommended by our service. A sturdy foundation for medical care that only a GP or family doctor can provide is essential for lifelong health.

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